Poster Printing

poster printingIn addition we offer users poster size prints from our Epson Stylus Pro 9600 large format printer to display at meetings and events. Posters are printed on Epson premium quality glossy 170 photographic paper (with a 44" width). The entire process, takes roughly an hour so please do not wait until the last minute to print your poster. There is always the possibility of a technical problem . The Imaging facility does not reserve the printer for individual users. All poster requests will be directed to Ed Dougherty

Please be aware that during upcoming meetings and events, there may be a long queue.

All poster files can be dropped off in Bassine Rm 109 or emailed to:

File format includes, PowerPoint, Illustrator, PDF, jpeg and tiff.

If you use PowerPoint remember there is a size limitation of 56 inches and if you need a larger size contact Ed Dougherty for a work around. The printer is attached to a PC running windows 7, when using a Mac to create a PowerPoint presentation please export a PDF version and send both versions. On occassion there maybe a shifting of data and titles when opening the PPT on a PC. Having the PDF backup is helpful.

Common poster sizes are 44"x56". You may want to also check what the requiremints are and how much space there is for the meeting. (Note that one dimension can not exceed 44").
Charges per poster are $35.00 for large format (example 44 x 56) and $25.00 for a smaller format (example 24" x 36") (Brandeis University). **Outside users $50 large format, $35 small format.

Additional Information

Using the Facility

NEW General sign-up rules:

As of April 23 2013 we will be changing the sign up policy.

  Sign up policy   4-2017

  • Rosenstiel Leica SP5 Confocal Microscope
  • Bassine Zeiss LSM 880 Confocal Microscope
  • Rosenstiel Marianas Spinning Disk
  • Bassine Marianas Spinning Disk.

Sign-up and Usage
Each user is limited to a total of 3 prime-time sign-ups* at any given time and no more than 2 prime-time sign-ups per week.
* Prime-time =  9AM – 6PM ; one prime-time block = 4 hours;

  • This means if you have signed up for two blocks of prime time for the current week (8 hours total), you can only sign-up for one more 4-hour prime time block in the following week or weeks ahead.
  • Once you used one of your prime-time sessions, you can then sign-up for another (third) one in the following weeks. 
  • Currently, there are no limits when signing up for the following sessions-- evenings, holidays and weekends.     

Cancellation and Time Grabbing

  • Cancelation:

If for any reason you cannot use your session, it is YOUR responsibility to delete the sign-up entry from the reservation calendar on the web as early as possible. Please be considerate and send an email to the "users" mailing list to let others know that your slot is available.

  • Grabbing Time:

Vacant and canceled time slots can be grabbed by any qualified user 24 hours in advance without being counted against your sign-up quota. The grabbed time should also be entered in the reservation calendar and log-in sheet (please note in calendar and log sheet "grab" for clarity; please do not convert your own regular sign-up into a “grab” to circumvent the sign-up quota).

  • Tardiness

If a user does not show up after ONE hour from the entered starting time, his/her reservation will be lost. Any qualified user can sign-up or grab this session if they see the scope is free (please check the sign-in/out sheet). Tardy users can also grab their own session upon arrival, if the session is still available.

Log In

        All Confocal Usage must be properly logged-in using the paper log on or near the microscope.  Please log-in your start time immediately after starting your session, and your end time after you are done. Failure to log-in while using the instrument is a violation of the microscope-policy. If you forget to log-out, your lab will be charge for the full 4 hour block of time.

PDF download

 Sign in calendars:

First you will need a brandeis email account.

When signing - up you will need to access your Gmail  account. If you do not have one you will need to request it. You will also need links to each calendar. To add those links please contact Ed Dougherty (

The calendar tab should be located at the top of the page and the calendar listing will be on the left.
Sign-in for no more the 4 hour blocks. If you need more time please contact the lab to make arrangements.

When signing in please leave a contact number. 

If your plans change, cancel your reservation promptly.

 User fees:   

Rates will be discussed on an individual basis.