3i Marianas Spinning Disk Confocal Microscope

Rosenstiel Marianas Spinning Disk Confocal Microscope

Includes a fully motorized research microscope (Zeiss AxioObserver) X,Y Motorized Stage with harmonic focusing drive, motorized nosepiece,motorized filter cube turret, motorized condenser, computer controlled bright field optics, high-speed bright field shutter, motorized and encoded x-y- stage, motorized document port selection, piezo controlled fine z- positioning, spherical aberration correction optics, 100W mercury fluorescence source, optimized light train, CoolSnap EZ 1392x1040 array with 6.45 micron pixels thermoelectric cooling camera, Quantum 512SC stability across 16 bits at 10-MHz, 5-MHz, and 1.25-MHz operation speeds,vibration isolation workbench, SlideBookTM software for Marianas microscope. System also includes FRET/FRAP Photoablation system for Zeiss AxioObserver 25mm Brightfield Shutter for Zeiss DIC Option II and III for Marianas Includes II prism, III prism, rotatable polarizer and DIC cube, Yokogawa CSU-X1 Confocal Head System.

On line and off line software Slidebook 6

System also includes recent updates

Zeiss Definite Focus upgrade for Marianas

Definite Focus uses the infrared light of an LED to sense the path length between the objective and the bottom of the culture vessel, and corrects the focusing, if necessary, via the Z control of Axio Observer.Z1.

CSU-X1 Filter Wheel 10-Position

CSUX Dichroic for 405/488/561/640 Excitation with
Quad Emitter and Individual Emitters

LaserStack 640nm 100mW

Filter Sets

Semrock FITC cube Marianas

Semrock AMCA/DAPI/Hoechst Cube Marianas

Semrock CY5 filter set for Marianas

Semrock RFP filter set for Marianas

Stack Laser System

488 - nm 50mW

561 - nm 50mW

640nm - 100mW



 EC PLAN NEOFLUAR 20x/.5 M27 with DIC prism

EC PLAN NEOFLUAR 40x/.75 M27 with DIC prism

 PLAN APOCHROMAT 63x/1.4 oil M27 with DIC prism

PLAN APOCHROMAT 100x/1.4 oil M27 with DIC prism

Plan-Neofluar 100x/1.3 Oil Iris with condenser adapter f/ 0.8 for dark-field microscopy.


















Bassine Marianas Spinning Disk Confocal Microscope

Marianas Vivo Upgrade:

Motorized research grade fixed stage upright microscope stand with harmonic focusing drive, motorized10-position filter wheel , 2-position nosepiece, long working distance DIC-ready condenser, slider for Dodt contrast, computer controlled LED brightfield light source, binocular phototube with camera port, side camera port and two c-mounts, 30mm frame space extender. Includes touch-screen controller, crosshair reticle. Moving platform stage plate with motorized gantry supports, MPC-200 controller and ROE, cables and manual. Includes X0405032 Warner Series 20 (round) - stainless steel chamber insert.

On line and off line software Slidebook 6

Rapid 4D Streaming Module for SlideBook. Synchronization and LaserStack Control Module for SlideBook. Piezo Objective Focusing Collar with 400μm Range. Two-Position Nosepiece for Vivo.

W Plan-Apochromat 40x/1.0NA Water Dipping Objective for VivoTM W Plan-Apochromat 63x/1.0NA Water Dipping Objective.

Plan-Apochromat 20x/0.75NA
EC Plan-Neofluar 40x/0.75 WD=0.71
EC Plan-Neofluar 100x/1.3NA Oil

Vivo Camera Mounting Kit for Vivo Side Port

PhotoFluor LM-75 Metal Halide Light Source

Microscope Filter Cube for GFP

Microscope Filter Cube for TexasRed/mCherry/mRFP/Alexa594

Filter Wheel 10-Position with Controller and Optimizer

CSU Individual Emitters and Quad Emitter for 405/488/561/640 Excitation includes quad band emission filter and individual emission filters

CSU Individual Emitters for 445/515/561 Excitation three single emission filters

CSU Triple Emitter for 445/515/561 Excitation

LaserStack Positions:

405: Position 3
445: Position 4
488: Position 5

515: Position 6
561: Position 7

640 position 8




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