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Interpretation of Genes, Biology 112B: HomePage.

Genome Multimedia Site
1: Definition (S).
2: Dice Examples (S).
3: Combinatorics.
4: Combinatorics Demo (S).
5: Probability Calculation (S).
6: Mutation Probabilities.
7: Alignment Probabilities.
1: Bit Definition (S).
2: Bit Binary Information (S).
3: RNA Information (S).
4: Amino Acid Information (S).
5: Bit Review.
6: Bit Definition (S).
7: Continued.
8: Information per Residue.
9: Entropy.
10: Entropy Generator (S).
1: The Question.
2: Big Picture.
3: Dynamic Programming (JS).
4: Global Alignment (S).
5: Alignment Practice (S).
6: End Gap Discussion.
7: End Gaps OK (JS).
8: Local Alignment Discussion.
9: Dot Plot (JS).
10: Dot Plot Random (JS).
11: Local Programming (JS).
12: Scoring Introduction.
13: Probability Matrices.
14: Multiple Steps (JS).
15: Alignment Scores Idea.
16: Log-odds Matrix Scores.
17: PAM and Multiple Alignments.
1: Populations and Samples (S).
2: Histograms and Means (S).
3: Probability Distributions (S).
4: Normal Standard Deviation (S).
5: General Standard Deviation.
6: z and Probability (J).
7: z and Poisson.
8: Poisson Distribution (J).
9: Poisson Example.
10: Extreme Value Distribution.
11: Graph of Ext Val Dist (J).
Product of
Seven Stones.


(S) = Shockwave;
(JS) = JavaScript;
(J) = Java applet.

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