Falcon Hacking

Chen Xu

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In order to get all the raw frames from FEI Falcon II camera, we have to hack the system. At least, this is the situation up to the time of writing this document. Fortunately, this is a non-destructive hack to FEI camera system, both hardware and software wise. Therefore, we can do whatever we want to do.

I am trying to record all I have done for this project. This doc is written for myself, in case we have to duplicate the system at Janelia Farm of HHMI. If you have interests in doing the similar thing to your Falcon camera, you might also find it is informative and useful. You might not need to ask some very basic and detailed questions to Greg at MRC. Therefore, it might save some Greg's time and energy.

You can also get pdf version of this document here.

Table of Contents
1 All the credit goes to Greg McMullan at MRC
2 The Background
3 Hardware List
4 Setup Capture Computer Workstation
5 Setup FreeNAS Data Tank Computer
6 Final System Setup

1 All the credit goes to Greg McMullan at MRC

I feel extremely lucky for Greg is willing to spend a lot of time to provide instructions, from basic idea to detailed hardware purchase list and software details at computers setup. I follow almost precisely what he instructed, step by step.

All the credit goes to Greg McMullan at MRC. He is the one who comes up this hacking and provided all the information to me.