3 Hardware List

The hardware for this hacking project can be described as three parts: (1) Network Optical Devices, (2) Capture CentOS Linux Computer and (3) FreeNAS Data Storage Tank Computer.

(1) Network Optical Devices:

(2) Capture CentOS Linux Computer

I bought both main computers from iXsystems.com. I have been quite happy with them. One of the reasons I use them is that I know their FreeNAS software system is very robust, easy to configure, has ZFS - one of the most advanced modern filesystems and based on rock solid FreeBSD system for which I am a die-hard fan. The computer case I bought from them for this project is identical to what Gatan uses for their K2 computer.

The main concern is the mount of RAM in the system for this capture computer workstation. We also want to have fast disk array to we can save large images from memory to disk very quickly. Here is what I have:

(3) FreeNAS Computer Data Storage Tank