2 Prepare Gain Reference Files from Tecnai Interface

To prepare gain reference for Falcon camera, we have to use the "Falcon Reference Image Manager". Its interface is as below.

The procedure to obtain gain reference for Falcon is as:

  1. Select "Normal acquisition mode" from Falcon Intermediate Image Tool window.

  2. Lauch "Falcon Reference Image Manager" from Tecnai → CCD Camera → (flap out) Bias/Gain

  3. Adjust magnification so that it satisfies pixelsize at specimen level and adjust Spotsize(C1) and Intensity(C2) to a level that screen current reading is about 1nA. Lift large screen.

  4. click on "Acquire Single Image" from Falcon Reference Image Manager. A black vertical line should end in green region. Otherwise, adjust C1 or/and C2 and do it again.

  5. Now, click on "Acquire Full Set" from Falcon Reference Image Manager. Use 160 for "# Frames to acquire per image" and 30 for "# Images to average", for a decent gain reference.

  6. With newly file highlighted in "Available reference images" area, click on "Load to TIA" button on right side of Falcon Reference Image Manager window.

  7. You should see two files, one is RAW and the other is XML, in the folder called C:\Tecnai\data\Falcon\Mode_4 get updated at this point.

  8. Manually copy the above two files into the parallel folder Mode_7. This makes sure that the updated gain reference files are used for intermediate frames, as well.