Image Distortion Field of GIF Camera Since K2 install Aug 01, 2012

Chen Xu

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GIF lenses add another field to your final image collected on GIF CCD camera. Correction of the distortion field has been proven to be neccesary. Following the procedure provided by David Mastronarde, I did the correction for our TF30(Tecnai v4.0.3, DM v1.8.3, SerialEM v3.2.3 and beta)

The specimen used for this testing data is a 2/2 quantifoil grid with 10nm Au particles dispersed on it densely. I have more confidence with this rigid sample, compared to plastic sections.

K2 Summit camera installation involves GIF tube higheit change. Therefore, a new distortion field mesaurement is needed. I did it for magnifications of 13.5kX and 22.5kX.

    gif135k_01Aug2012.idf for mag 13.5kX
    gif225k_01Aug2012.idf for mag 22.5kX

1 Distortion Field Measuring Data Collection

The data condition:

Date = Jan 14, 2013
H.T. = 300kV
Gun lens = 2
Ext.Vol. = 3950V
C2 aperture = 100um
Obj. aperture =  50um