3 Integrate macro AlignToP into main macro

To use the macro AlignToP, simply call it in the main macro after RealignToNavItem, as illustrated in the example below. In this case, an image of single hole is copied to buffer P.

Example 2. Call macro AlignToP

RealignToNavItem 1
Call AlignToP

You have probably realized, AlignToP can also used in more general way, it doesn't have to use a hole in buffer P. As long as buffer P contain a reference image, it will work. The following example shows it works very much like ZeroIS: dragging an image to a location and followed by running macro AlignToP will also bring stage to there.

You can regard this AlignToP as an advanced version of ZeroIS which is discussed in SerialEM-howto:positioningXY.

Example 3. Drag to a new position

Copy A P
Call AlignToP