Fix Scripting Beam Blank

Chen Xu

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It happened to us twice, both after Tecnai software upgrade. I feel that it is useful to document this so we know how to deal with it if it happens again. And it might be helpful for other sites who run into the same issue.

It is important to have this issue fixed. Otherwise, all the CCD shots from SerialEM will have dark image problem and some SerialEM functions won't even work because of this.

You can also get pdf version of this document here.

Table of Contents
1 Problem description
2 Background
3 The Fix

1 Problem description

The easiest way to see if your system has this issue is to use Low Dose mode of SerialEM. If you toggle the check box next to "blank beam when screen is down", the beam can always be seen on the large screen, then you do have this problem. The "blanked" beam might be far away from the center of large screen and can only be seen partially at the edge of screen, but as along as it doesn't completely disappear, i.e. blanked, we have to fix it.