2 The Setup

There are two cases: one is on the same computer of running SerialEM, and the other is to setup on a off-line, remote computer.

2.1 Setup on the same computer

Setting up this on the same computer is easy. We need to make another alias to SerialEM icon, on Desktop, for example. From the properties window of the icon, define an argument "/DUMMY" in the "Target" area, as below.

C:\Program Files\SerialEM\SerialEM /DUMMY

And we should use a different setting file for this second instance of SerialEM so that it doesn't interfere with setting file of running software, in "Start In" area like this:

C:\Program Files\SerialEM\SEM-settings-for-DUMMY 

Here the SEM-settings-for-DUMMY is a the name of a folder where the setting file sits. Apparently, it needs to exsit.

In this case, the DUMMY instance of SerialEM uses the same set of property file and calibration file. It doesn't connects to scope and doesn't initiate camera object either. It is really a DUMMY instance.

2.2 Setup on a remote computer

For a remote computer on user side, to setup this would need to install SerialEM and its running library etc. into normal location, C:\Programs Files\SerialEM and setup DUMMY version as above. The property and calibration files from host computer would also be needed.