3 How to use it

On the same computer, while main SerialEM is collecting, one can start the DUMMY instance of SerialEM and read the available Nav file. Load map, and off you go to pick all the target positions. In the end, save the nav file to a different filename like nav1.nav. This file can later be read by main instance of SerialEM and continue the data collecting session.

Note: If you launch the DUMMY instance but could not load the map, it is likely due to the map stack file is still open at main instance of SerialEM. Closing it would solve this issue.

On a remote computer at user site, one has to get the nav file and MMM maps to local. And after all the target picking is finished, transfer the final saved nav file back to host scope computer and resume there. This way, there is no delay or lagging like with a real online remote session.