4 In Low-Dose Mode

Well, in this case, we can make a simple change to the argument from 0 to 1. Lets take a look at this slightly modified macro.

Example 3. RealignInLD.txt

MacroName RealignInLD
# a macro to realign to a nav item in Low-Dose mode 
# and then clear out any ImageShift afterwards.
# note: it requires the V is at the same mag as map.

RealignToNavItem 1
Call ZeroIS

As long as V shot is at the same mag as map, this macro will work fine. It jumps outside of LD mode and does "realign". Then it jumps back in LD mode and finishes the job of clearing out IS. In practical, for convenience, one can create map using V shots, either from single image or montage overview.

This works for multiple points.