4 Calibrate Standard Focus

With SerialEM latest version, one can calibrate this value easily for a specific magnification. Here are the steps.

  1. Adjust specimen to true eucentricity from menu Task → Eucentric Both.

  2. Precisely focus the specimen. You can do it manually, but it is perhaps better to use Autofocus a couple of times until the reported focus value is close to 0.

  3. Calibration → Aotufocus & Focus → Standard Focus

For convenience, one can run a macro like the following one.

Example 3. CalEucentricFocus.txt

MacroName CalEucentricFocus
# a macro to calibrate EucentricFocus
# 2014-10-04 12:13:23
# assume 1) Specimen is at Eucentricity 2) Target Focus is set to 0

NormalizeLenses 2
Delay 1

Note: This StandardFocus values are calibrated for global use. However, due to possible different scope alignment, it is the best to calibrate this for your session to get it accurate. This calibration as user is not stored in ShortTerm file so you will have to redo it if you start SerialEM again. Hopefully, this macro makes this easy.