4 Speed Up Eucentricity step for tilting series

The bi-directional way of collecting tilting series makes the procedure more robust. Unless it is found that 1st half causes significant volume change, I would stay with this method over the one-way method.

Still, for reliable data collection, it is important that specimen is at eucentricity. One can choose to do this from inside setup dialog window or from pre-action if you run from navigator. Refine eucentricity is robust, but it takes time too. Alternatively, we can use tilt beam image pairs to adjust Z height, like in SerialEM-howto:PostioningZ.

Here is the little macro you can run before you start your tilting series.

Example 4. PrepTS.txt

MacroName PrepTS
# a macro to adjust Z using autofocusing and ZeroIS
# similar with Eucenticity 3 but faster and without wobbling the stage

Copy A P
Call Z_byV
Loop 2
AlignTo P

If your target is an point item in navigator, you need to realign to this item point first before running this macro. If you do "Acquire at points ...", you check "realign" and also run this macro from Pre-action.

With this, you don't check "refine" from setup dialog window. This will bring your target at specimen to close to eucentricity in just a few seconds!