2 Preparing 1% and 2% Uranyl Acetate Solutions:


  1. Graduated Cylinder

  2. 4% Uranyl Acetate Stock Solutions

  3. glass distilled water


  1. To make 1% UA solution, add 1 part of 4% stock to 3 part of water. Filter this solution into a brown storage bottle using a 2 micron filter fitted onto a syringe.

  2. To make 2% US solution, add 1 part of 4% stock to 1 part of water. Filter as in step 1 above.

  3. The stains can be stored at room temperature and used directly from these bottles or aliquots of the stain can be transferred into smaller containers(such as microfuge tubes) for individual use to avoid cross contamination.

  4. Clean up, being sure to dispose of all the contaminated wastes properly.