5 Note about SerialEM

New version of SerialEM has been installed on CM12. This "NoScope" version doesn't give any error message when starting up. And we can align two images like a normal version, except it reports the pixel instead of nm. This makes it possible for us to accurately monitor the drift rate before taking final shot.

Now, you can use serialEM normally like on Tecnai F30, except for controlling microscope part.

When SerialEM main window is activated, the keyboard SPACE bar does two nice tricks for CCD: it stops continuous shot, or it repeats the very last action.

Warning: Before taking film picture, one should retract CCD. There are two reasons for it. First, if CCD not retracted, the shutter control with DM by large screen will not be automatically overridden by low-dose software on CM12. In other word, you will have blank picture except text area. Second, the small fragments won't fall on phosphor surface.

There is no default button to do that, like in Gatan DM interface. However, you can make a very simple Macro and make it clickable in Camera Setup Control.

MacroName CCD
## retract CCD before taking film shot 

Note: This macro to retract CCD can integrate with drifting control macro in next section, so that CCD can be retracted automatically when drifting rate is below certain threshold.