Normal Procedures for AMT CCD Imaging on Morgagni

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The AMT (Advanced Microscopy Techiques Corp., Danvers, MA) CCD system has been installed on FEI Morgagni 268 electron microscope since March 03, 2004. It is a bottom mounted CCD camera. Here is some basic information about three major parts of this system:

The camera: It is a nominal 1k X 1k camera (the display size of the installed chip is set to 1280x1024, actual chip size is a little bigger than the above dimensions). The pixel size @ 1280x1024 is 24 microns. It is a lens-coupled optical system with a very thin layer of phosphor on the top facing electrons. This is a 12-bit camera.

The Controller: The controller box has two cables: one is the controlling cable that connects to the camera, the other cable is a firewire (IEEE 1394) cable that transfers data to the computer.

The computer: An ATX PC computer with a P4 2.40 GHz processor and a CD burner. Installed software includes the AMT software and a photo editing software, PhotoImpact. It is on rose2 network and has the latest patches for Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional operating system.

This document gives you a brief procedures of everyday operation of this AMT CCD camera. For details, please refer to the series of the original documents that comes with the equipment.

You can also get pdf version of this document.

Table of Contents
1 Get Morgagni Ready
2 Turn On the AMT CCD camera
3 Background Collection
4 Set Up a "Case" for saving Images
5 "Click for Live Image" to View Specimen
6 "Click For Final Image" to acquire a Quality, Full Resolution Image
7 Saving Images
8 Manage Your Image Files - Locally and Remotely
9 Convert to MRC format
10 Closing Up
11 Pixelsize and Magnification Calibration

1 Get Morgagni Ready

Before collecting any CCD images, it is needs to have microscope ready for the operation.