8 Manage Your Image Files - Locally and Remotely

There are ways to manage your data saved on AMT computer - locally or remotely. You can transfer them away from the AMT computer using SSH/SFTP. Or you can get them remotely from any other computer on compus after "mounting" C:\Images. Even you can burn a CD on AMT computer.

Note: Any user data on AMT CCD computer should be transfered/saved somewhere else. The local hard drive is not for long term storage purpose. Any data left on the local drive will eventually be deleted.

8.1 Locally

From AMT computer, you can either transfer your data to any of the UNIX or Unix-like machine on which you have an account or burn it to a CD.

In case you did not know, users who have Brandeis ID can always remotely access to one of several Linux computers. Talk to ITS people for details.

Note: Despite one might think to use USB jump drive to transfer your data, as the easiest way, it is not recommended. USB jump drive could contain viruses to affect the CCD computer.

8.2 Remotely

All the data should be directly saved in local computer's hard drive. It is recommended to put them into "C:\Images". For convenience, this folder is now configured as shared and can be accessed from other computers remotely. Thanks to Lynn for setting this up. This folder can now be mounted on various platforms as the detailed below.