3 Keep Gatan Software Gain Reference File

If you want to use "Pack unnormalized as 4-bit(Super-Res) or 8-bit(Counting)" as frame option, you have to select "Dark Subtracted" from Camera Parameter Setup Window. In this case, you want to make sure the Gatan software gain reference files are safely copied to somewhere for later post-process of applying gain normalization.

In order to do that, two lines have to be added in SerialEM property file, for Counting and Super-Res mode respectively.

K2CountingReference C:\ProgramData\Gatan\Reference Images\K2-0001 1 Gain Ref. x1.m2.dm4
K2SuperResReference C:\ProgramData\Gatan\Reference Images\K2-0001 1 Gain Ref. x1.m3.dm4

These two lines define the exact filenames and full path where the Gatan reference files locate. With this, SerialEM will make sure the latest reference files to be saved into frame saving directory. This is important, you should check it.