3 Data Storage Location

For normal single shot images, there are a few options.

On Fileserver.

K2 movie data, speed is a big concern.

For dose-fractionation (movie) series data collection, there are even more options. Beside the above two disk devices being avalible to be mounted on K2 Win7 computer, there are three disks locally on K2 computer, D:\Data, X:\ and Y:\. However, currently, dose-fractionation data collection from SerialEM requires faster disks than USB2.0. Small series might OK, large series will cause "timeout" error for SerialEM. The final summed image frame from the stack returning to SerialEM seems a lot slower than with a SATA controller. Except the timeout error, the movie stack is written diectly to the disk drive from K2 computer, which doesn't cause any problem though. In other word, even if you don't care about not being fast, the timeout error related to slow disk drive will pulse and pop up an error message window on SerialEM. Obviously, this will interrupt the automation of data collection.

Therefore, if you collect multiple movie stack files using SerialEM, you are better off using /data500 network drive or one of the local disks on K2. Preferably, D:\Data should be used, as X:\ and Y:\ are used for K2 temporary intermediate files. And if they are full, K2 camera will not behave.