17 Obtain Full Grid Overview

Go out of Low-Dose mode, go to low mag like 120x or 140x, Obj. Aperture out, set C2% to 100. Set binning_R = 4, Exposure = 0.3 second. Take a R shot to check if the image has complete full area, not partially blocked by CryoBox. It is a good time to check if the cryoBox is centered.

Note: As you can see, it would be nice if we can do the last three steps automatically so that we don't have to wait for the montage to finish to increase mag. Indeed, we can by taking advantage of macro. After defining the filename for the montage, the stage will go to (0,0) by itself. You can then add current stage position as a point item and flag it with "A", followed by running a very simple macro from Navigator -> Acquire at Points.

Example 2. TimeForCoffee.txt

MacroName TimeForCoffee
# warm up obj lens after map is done. 

Vmag_LD = 2300

SetMag $Vmag_LD