Operating Morgagni 268

Chen Xu

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This is a quick check list for user who is new the Morgagni microscope. Quite different from the CM12 or 420T interface, Morgagni 268 comes with a very nice computer control interface which is very similar to that of Tecnai series of microscopes. This documentation is aim to help you use this new interface to control the scope.

For details of operating the scope and all other information, please refer to the hard copy of original "Operation Manual" that came with the scope.

A bottom mount model of AMT CCD camera is installed on Morgagni 268. This is 1k X 1k camera with a nice software control. We no longer keep an camera in the chamber, but one can get a camera for CM12/420T to use it in Morgagni if you do want to take images on films. The documentation of operating this AMT CCD camera can be found separately as "AMT-CCD-imaging".

You can also get pdf version of this document here.

Table of Contents
1 Check logbook to see if there have been any problems
2 Log in to Windows 2000 computer
3 Start Morgagni User Interface
4 Check Vacuum
5 H.T. on
6 Set filament to saturation and check gun tilt
7 Check C2 aperture mechanical position and C2 stigmatism
8 Check specimen holder & load grid
9 Insert specimen holder into column
10 Specimen position can be "remembered" by the stage
11 Put in objective aperture and center it
12 Check objective lens stigmatism
13 Finishing ...

1 Check logbook to see if there have been any problems

It is always good and necessary to check the logbook. You can find some very useful information from it.

Important: Usually the scope is kept on all the time. However, there are situations that the scope was shutdown. When you come to the Morgagni room and find it is off, please ASK before you turn it back ON!