2 A Note on K2 Computer Memory Size

Our K2 computer shipped with K2 camera has 32GB memory installed. The Operating System (OS) on is Windows 2008 R2 Standard. Although this is a 64-bit hardware and OS, this OS limits the maximum memory up to 32GB. It might not sound small, but for application where large size dose-fractionation series are collected, the memory consumption can quickly reach the limit. In this case, disk swapping will make data collection significantly slower. On our current system, 100-frame Super-resolution dose fractionation series will very likely cause this to happen.

In order to prevent this from happening during our data collection session, more memory needs to be installed. According to Gatan, it will have to upgrade to Windows 7 Enterprise or Windows 7 DataCenter edition to take advantage of more physical memory. The maximum mount is 196GB, I believe.