Work with Cameras on F20

Chen Xu

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Currently, there are three cameras on our Tecnai F20 scope. They are FEI Falcon camera, Gatan Orius SC200 CCD camera and Gatan US4000 CCD camera. Falcon is a direct electron detector. Orius is a setup camera equipped with Falcon as part of the system. US4000 is transferred from Tecnai F30 on which a new Gatan K2 Summit camera system is installed.

The FEI Eagle CCD camera was dismounted and returned to FEI.

Due to the special properties of the new Falcon direct electron detector, some new features of Tecnai software are introduced in the newly updated Tecnai version 4.3.0 beta. These features are mainly to protect Falcon camera sensor from over-dose irradiation. The external shutter control for various cameras is also changed from old style to a new integrated fashion. Some hardware change is also involved accordingly.

In this document, I try to provide all basic information about all three cameras on the F20, both hardware and software wise.

You can also get pdf version of this document here.

Table of Contents
1 Some Properties of the Three Cameras
2 Camera Physical Mounts and Controllers
3 Mag & PixelSize (at specimen level) Calibration table
4 About Dose Protector
5 About Shutter Control with All Three Cameras
6 A Normal Starting Up Procedure for Daily Operation

1 Some Properties of the Three Cameras

FEI Falcon Direct Electron Detector:

Gatan Orius SC200 CCD camera, Model 830

Gatan US4000 CCD camera