5 About Shutter Control with All Three Cameras

In the past, Gatan camera controls shutter by directly sending 5V signal to gun tilt coil or/and projector lens coil. This is no longer the case anymore. Instead, all the shutter cables from camera controllers go to Central Shutter Unit (CSU) to which FEI Tecnai has total control.

It might not sound anything troublesome. However, it results in a freedom loss at selecting camera via non-FEI software interface. For example, you can still select different camera from Gatan DM interface, but imaging from Gatan interface won't have proper control to shutter. You can get an image, but the image is not right. The same thing happens to SerialEM, you can get image, but the image might not be good. The only way to get shutter control correct is to also select the same camera from FEI → TUI → Camera → camera list. This makes freely switching camera in scripting (macro) command impossible.