2 Camera Physical Mounts and Controllers

Here is a picture showing how three cameras are mounted on-axis after viewing chamber.

FEI Falcon direct detctor and Gatan US4000 CCD are mounted in head-to-head configuration. And Gatan US4000 CCD is mounted right below the housing piece for Falcon and Orius. Therefore, all three cameras are on-axis and retractable.

Below is a picture showing all camera controllers and an FEI Central Shutter Unit (CSU).

The CSU is a centralized controller starting to appears with Titan. As FEI Falcon camera is retrofitted to our Tecnai F20, we also get this unit. All the shutter signals from each cameras controllers are input to this unit and the unit sends out shutter signals to microscope through a single pair of BNC cables. TIA has to be started up before this shutter control unit works properly.