From Sequence to Consequence: Celebrating
30 years of Science with Dagmar Ringe and Greg Petsko

June 18-19, 2010
Shapiro Theater, Shapiro Campus Center
Brandeis University

Portrait of Dagmar
Portrait of Greg


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June 14, 2010:
Pre-symposium happy hour! If you are in town on Thursday evening, please come join us for some free drinks and finger food at the The Skellig from 6PM onwards...


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On September 4, 1980, Drs. Dagmar Ringe and Greg Petsko of MIT entered into an official collaboration, and the scientific community has never been the same since. Now, 30 years later at Brandeis University, we are honored to celebrate their combined lifetimes of achievement.

Come hear from world-renowned scientists trained in the lab, network with experts in the structural enzymology community, or just raise your glass to the dynamic duo. We have an exciting lineup of speakers already confirmed, and there is a slate of social activities to help you catch up with old colleagues and get acquainted with new ones.

Members of the Petsko-Ringe Lab

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