Summaries from Past Bauer Talks

The M.R. Bauer Foundation at Brandeis University

The Volen National Center for Complex Systems was established at Brandeis University in 1994 to bring together faculty, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows from biology, biochemistry, chemistry, psychology, computer science, and physics, with a common goal of understanding the brain, from the level of molecules to cognition.

The M.R. Bauer Foundation has been a generous and steadfast friend of the Volen Center for nearly 20 years.  The foundation recognizes that the advancement of science takes place not only in the laboratory, but also in the seminar room and lecture hall, and in the countless conversations that help to spread ideas and spark new research.

The size and intimate setting of the Volen Center has made it an ideal environment for forging connections among investigators from diverse fields.  A central part of these connections is the M.R. Bauer Foundation Colloquium Series, Distinguished Lecturer Series and Annual Scientific Retreat.