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Biology Support Staff
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Heather Felton
Dept. Administrator, Biology & Neuroscience
Volen 209, MS 013

Maryanna Aldrich
Dept. Administrator, Biochemistry
Graduate Affairs Manager,
Division of Science
RosKos Connector, MS 009

Quyen Chu
Dept. Coordinator
Bassine 119, MS 008

Judy Heinrich
Web & Database Specialist
Volen 206, MS 013

Jessica Maryott
Database Administrator
Volen 304, MS 013

Andrea McDonald
Grants & Finance Manager
Bassine 119, MS 008

Katie Mueller
Grant & Finance Administator
Bassine 119, MS 008

Amanda Rochette
Personnel & Business Process Administrator
Volen 206, MS 013

Jen Scappini
Events Manager
RosKos Connector, RK03
MS 009

Paula Shelly
Personnel Administrator
Rosenstiel 106, MS 029

Carolyn Signore
Grant & Finance Administrator
Bassine 119, MS 008

Jean Wong
Grant & Finance Administrator
Bassine 119, MS 008


The following is a brief description of the duties of the staff that support the Biology Department Academic and Research programs. You may find this useful in deciding who to ask for help!

Maryanna Aldrich is responsible for:

  • oversight of the Life Sciences graduate students, including their recruitment, payroll, health insurance and academic progress

Quyen Chu is responsible for:

  • undergraduate hiring, chart string changes, and terminations
  • payroll and time sheets (inclusive of UGs and staff)
  • keys and card access
  • room reservations
  • additional Biology Front office tasks
  • the weekly Biology Bulletin
  • non-exempt staff and student payrolls

Quyen can also provide other administrative support such as assistance with copy and print jobs, issuance of keys and swipe access, room reservations, data projectors, etc.

Judy Heinrich is responsible for:

  • Special projects requiring website and database creation
  • Website creation and maintenance
  • Coordination of graduate recruitment visit days

Jessica Maryott is responsible for:

  • oversight of the Biology and Neuroscience undergraduate student programs
  • creation and maintenance of Division of Science Filemaker databases

Andrea McDonald, Carolyn Signore and Katie Mueller are responsible for:

  • Post-award oversight of all sponsored accounts including account set-up, tracking encumbrances / expenditures, monthly reconciliation, and close out of grant accounts.

Please remember that Andrea, Carolyn or Katie need to sign the following forms before submission for processing:

  • Requistion for Supplies and Services
  • Payment requests

Amanda Rochette is responsible for:

  • Managing the personnel oversight of the Biology Department and Neuroscience Program
  • Assisting with lab staff/postdoc hiring, termination, and change forms
  • Lead project manager for implementation of a new grant accounting shadow system for the University

Jen Scappini is responsible for:

  • Wednesday Joint Biology & Neuroscience Seminars
  • Biochemistry Seminar Series
  • Coordination of annual Volen Retreat, QB Retreat and other special events
  • Seminar listings

Paula Shelly is responsible for:

  • Postdoctoral appointment and reappointment paperwork
  • Assisting with lab staff hiring, termination, and change forms

Jean Wong is responsible for:

  • monitoring and tracking all encumbrances and expenditures of  Biology Faculty Training Grants and University accounts as well as Departmental accounts
  • reimbursements

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