FAQs for the Brandeis Five-year BA/MS and BS/MS in Biotechnology

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  1. When do I apply for the five-year Biotechnology program?
    Brandeis students should apply to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences in their junior years. The deadline is March 15.
  2. Do I need to be a biology major to enter the five-year Biotechnology program?
    No, you may earn your bachelor’s degree in any major at Brandeis University. However, all applicants must have completed introductory courses in introductory biology and laboratory (BIOL 22a and b, BIOL 18a and b) and introductory chemistry and laboratory (CHEM 11a and b or CHEM 15a and b, and CHEM 18a and b or CHEM 19a and b) to qualify for admission into the five-year program.
  3. Does my bachelor’s degree have to be a bachelor of science?
    No, you may complete either a bachelor of arts (BA) or a bachelor of science (BS) degree.
  4. How does entry into the program affect my undergraduate financial aid?
    Students will be considered undergraduates and eligible for their financial aid packages until they complete the requirements for their bachelor’s degrees, normally after Year One of the PSM Biotechnology program. There is no financial aid for Year Two of the program, but you will get a two-year MS for one year’s tuition.
  5. Can Brandeis seniors apply to the MS in Biotechnology program?
    Not to the five-year BA/MS or BS/MS program, but seniors can apply to the two-year PSM Program in Biotechnology. This degree can be earned with two years of graduate study.
  6. I have taken one of the Biotechnology core courses, BIOL 101 Molecular Biotechnology. Do I have to take it again?
    No, in consultation with the program directors, you may substitute another course.
  7. I am planning to complete my bachelor’s degree after the fall semester of my senior year. How does this affect my eligibility for the program?
    You should apply to the Biotechnology program in your junior year. You would enter graduate student status after receiving your bachelor’s degree and complete the MS degree with three additional semesters of work.
  8. I need to take four courses in my senior year to fulfill the requirements for my bachelor’s degree. Am I still eligible for the program?
    Only if two of these can be satisfied by the required courses of the Year One PSM Biotechnology curriculum. There is room in the schedule for only two courses outside the Year One curriculum.