What Do Our Graduates Say About Us?

Linta Rahman

lintar“If you are looking to get a feel for what life in the biotech industry may look like, the M.S. program in Biotechnology at Brandeis will greatly facilitate your objective; I graduated from the program at in the summer of 2013. We were only the second class to do so, our class size being a grand total of twelve students. Fast forward two years, and nine out of those twelve students are pursuing thriving careers at some of the top companies in the industry today (not to worry though, the rest just decided they weren’t cool enough without a doctor before their names!).

What I liked most about the M.S Biotech program at Brandeis was that the coursework is designed to help you decide what facet of the industry appeals to you most. For example, do you want to be a lab rat? (I sure do!), Would you much rather be coordinating research studies? Managing clinical teams and the like? Between the core science and business courses and the interactive seminars that included guest lectures from some top industry professionals, you will be able to figure out all that and more.

Lastly, the summer internship will help you make valuable connections in the field, which goes a long way to establishing and directing where your career goes. I can say from personal experience that people in the field are pleasantly surprised when they learn about the internship requirement; it makes the program much different from more academic, thesis-driven programs, and industry values experience above all else.

All in all, if you are willing to work hard, the Brandeis M.S program in Biotechnology has all the tools to achieve great feats in your career!”

Mike Chi

“The biotechnology graduate program at Brandeis focuses on more than just scientific knowledge but also core skills. Being in the biotech-hub in Boston, the competition for jobs is furious. While employers desire candidates with a strong scientific background, applicants who are additionally trained to see the larger scope of the business are much more valuable. Dr. Simister and Dr. Lovett recognized this fact and structured this program with intensive labs and informative seminars that mold their students into competitive candidates in the biotech industry. Simply looking at the list of companies where students from this program have been employed shows the rich value this program has to offer.”