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Biology 125: Immunology



Dr. Joan Press


Course Prerequisites: Completion of first semester Organic Chemistry (Chem 25a), Cell Structure&Function (Biol 22b), and Genetics (Biol 22a).

Instructor: Dr. J. Press, Rosenstiel 511 [x62450]; e-mail: Office hours are Monday, 4:00 - 5:00 pm. Teaching assistant: Dipanjan Chowdhury [x62454]. Office hours TBA.

Course requirements: The course meets MWTh, 10:00 am to 11:00 pm (lecture, Rosenstiel 118), and T, 6:30 - 8:30 pm (Gzang 122). Tuesday evenings are used for exams, review sessions, paper discussions, and/or make-up lectures.

Course Materials On-Line:

Required Reading:

(1) IMMUNOBIOLOGY, by Janeway,Travers et al, fourth edition, 1999, Garland Publishing.

(2) Several current scientific papers and/or review articles will be assigned reading for each lecture or topic. You will receive a list of these readings, and the readings will be on reserve in the Science library.

Optional material on reserve includes exams from previous years and copies of lecture overheads. Overheads also will be available through electronic reserve (ERES). The Peter Parham textbook uses many of the figures found in Janeway: these figures, from Peter Parhamıs "Notetaker", are on ERES and can be printed and brought to class for note-taking (optional).


There are three exams. The first two exams occur on Tuesday evenings, from 6:30 - 8:30 pm.

Exam Date Place Weight

#1 10/17 Gzang 122 25%

#2 11/7 Gzang 122 25%

#3 During finals week To be announced 30%

Tuesday evenings are part of this course's scheduled meeting time. The only acceptable reasons for missing a scheduled exam are if you have a note from the Academic Affairs Office, or if you have an illness documented by Brandeis Health Services.

PAPER: A 5-page, double-spaced paper of text and 1-2 pages of references, in the format of a Nature or Nature Immunology News and Views article. You will (a) identify a major, unresolved issue or question in an area or topic of immunology covered in this course, (b) provide the pertinent background information, and (c) discuss and critique one current and significant paper that provides new insight into this issue. Your critique will include a description of the paperıs key experiments, what these experiments prove, what the conclusions are, and what remains unresolved. Possible topics and details of paper selection will be discussed in class. This paper is 20% of the total course grade.

DISABILITY: If you are a student with a documented disability at Brandeis and if you wish to request a reasonable accommodation for this class, please see me immediately. Please keep in mind that reasonable accommodations are not provided retroactively.

ACADEMIC HONESTY: The Office of Campus Life will be informed of instances of alleged dishonesty (see section 5 of the Rights and Responsibilities Handbook). Potential sanctions include failure in the course and suspension from the University.

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