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History 150b

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History 150b: Gettysburg

Instructor: Jeffrey C. Hall

(for Spring 2002)


Reading Materials

Some materials on this site may be in PDF format... you should use the Adobe Acrobat Reader application or plug-in to view them. This will be already configured on most campus computers -- follow the link to get the appropriate version if it isn't on your computer already.

Additional materials and tools for this course may be available at the History 150b WebCT site. Warning: WebCT is reported to work correctly only with Internet Explorer.


  1. Civil War overview (0.2 MB)
  2. Eastern theatre overview (0.5 MB)
  3. Brandy Station (0.4 MB)
  4. Movements leading to Gettysburg (0.8 MB)
  5. July 1 (1.2 MB)
  6. July 2 (0.6 MB)
  7. July 3 (1.2 MB)
  8. East Cavalry Field (0.3 MB)
  9. Routes to the Potomac (0.3 MB)
  10. Details of Final Approach (<0.1 MB)

Note: in the interest of providing readable maps, these are big files -- download at your own risk. They are all in JPEG format, so they will open in a webbrowser, or in almost any graphics program of recent vintage.

Last update: Jan 18, 2002

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