About the Facility

The Brandeis Electron Microscopy facility is located on the 4th floor of the Rosenstiel Basic Medical Sciences Research Center at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts. The facility was founded in 1972 as the Laboratory of Structural Biology by Dr. Susan Lowey, Dr. Carolyn Cohen and Dr. Don Caspar (who coined the term ‘structural biology’), joined shortly by Dr. David DeRosier. Other faculty members over the years include Dr. Hugh Huxley, Dr. Niko Grigorieff, and Dr. Daniela Nicastro (a fuller version of the history of the facility is available).

Instruments and training are available not only for Brandeis faculty, staff, and lab members but also members of the broader scientific community, including other academic institutions and for-profit organizations. The Brandeis Electron Microscopy Facility is under the direction of Dr. Bruce Goode and Dr. Avital Rodal and is managed by Mike Rigney. Rates for training on and using the equipment for various users can be found in the dropdown menu above.

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