EM Facility Lab Policies

As of 12/1/17, the following EM Lab policies apply to ALL EM facility users.

Scheduling Time on Tecnai F30, Tecnai F20, CM12 and Morgagni 268

Tecnai F30, Tecnai F20, and CM12: Each user is limited to 2 active reservations. Once a session has started, an additional reservation can be made.

Please make sure the cryo-cycle is finished before the next user’s session starts. If a reservation doesn’t specify the starting time, it will be assumed to be 9:00AM.

Morgagni 268: Each user is limited to 3 active reservations. Once a session has started, an additional reservation can be made.

Cancellation and Time Grabbing

If for any reason you cannot use your session, it is your responsibility to delete the sign-up entry from reservation calendar as early as possible. Entries which are not removed will be charged the full rate.

If a user does not show up after ONE hour from the entered starting time, his/her reservation may be lost. Any qualified user can sign-up or grab this session. Tardiness without a notice in advance and proper reason will be marked as a violation.


All the EM sessions, usages for glow-discharge units, dry pumping stations and the Edwards Carbon Coater must be properly logged using the online E-log book or the paper log book on near the instrument.

General Polices

IMPORTANT: If you experience problems while operating any of the instruments, please record this information in the log book and notify Mike Rigney. Attempting to correct a malfunction and inadvertently damaging one of the microscopes can void our service agreement. In the event of an emergency, shut down procedures for the microscopes and ancillary instruments are located in the instruction manuals for each instrument.

In the event of an air handling unit malfunction, please follow the directions for shut down of the unit in each room and contact Mike for assistance immediately. Very high temperatures in the rooms (above 76F) indicate a problem.

All users must clean up their work areas after they finished their session and return all used items to their proper storage location.

All chemical waste must be disposed of in accordance with the rules of the Brandeis University Safety Office. If you have questions regarding this, please contact an EM lab staff member for assistance, Andy Finn (Safety Management) at extension 64262 or Robin Bell (Radiation Safety) at extension 64261.

IMPORTANT: Confine the use of heavy metal stains to the staining lab bench in room 436. Place any contaminated materials into the waste containers provided. All solid and liquid waste must be properly disposed of using the containers provided next to the sink.

Users of the Brandeis EM facility should not be in other lab spaces. If you need additional consumables or supplies, ask Mike about what is and is not available.


Users violating to EM Lab policies will be warned once. Repeated violations may result in users being barred from any EM facility use for a period of time or permanently.