Available Equipment

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Electron Microscope Facility:  Brandeis operates a superb state-of-the art electron microscope core facility in the Rosenstiel Center. The facility includes four transmission electron microscopes: 1) a Tecnai F30 TEM with field emission gun (FEG) electron source and CompuStage, equipped with a FEI Falcon II direct electron detector, as well as a Gatan Imaging energy filter (GIF) equipped with Ultrascan 2kx2k post-filter GIF camera; 2) a Tecnai F20 TEM with a FEG and Compustage, equipped with a Gatan Ultrascan 4kx4k CCD camera. Both Tecnais can be controlled via SerialEM software for tomographic and single particle data acquisition. 3) A Philips CM12 operated at 120keV and equipped with LaB6 electron source and a Gatan Ultrascan 2kx2k CCD camera; well suited for negative stain data collection and cryo sample evaluation. 4) A FEI Morgagni, operated at 80kV, with a 1kx1k AMT CCD camera used for screening grids of negative stain single particle and plastic sections. The microscopy suite was carefully built to minimize vibration, and all rooms, including the sample preparation room, are temperature and humidity controlled. Also available are ambient temperature and cryo-holders, three plunge freezers (including one FEI Vitrobot and one Gatan CP3), an Edwards carbon evaporator, and two glow discharge units. In addition, a Leica HPM100 high pressure freezer is available along with a AFS2 freeze substitution chamber and a UC6 ultramicrotome.