Carolyn Cohen

Carolyn Cohen, Ph.D.
Professor Emerita of Biology
Rosenstiel Basic Medical Sciences Research Center

Member, US National Academy of Sciences

Protein Structure, Dynamics, and Assembly

Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Carolyn Cohen passed away on December 20, 2017

Our major objective is to determine the precise molecular architecture of certain a-proteins that have dynamic as well as structural roles in the cell. The chief methods are X-ray crystallography together with molecular biology and biochemistry. Muscle proteins are a central focus and provide the background for studying related systems. Myosin is the fundamental protein involved in muscle contraction. We seek to visualize in atomic detail how this motor works by obtaining "snapshots" of the molecule in different stages of contraction. This motor is switched "on" and "off" by calcium ions which bind to regulatory proteins such as tropomyosin/troponin and - in certain cases - to myosin itself. Atomic structures of these switches are being sought to see how the motor activity is controlled. The molecular basis of blood clotting is being studied by a similar approach: the crystal structure of fibrinogen or key subfragments is being determined by X-ray crystallography in order to understand its assembly into the fibrin clot.

We are also working on the protein folding problem. The a-helical coiled-coil motif has been shown to have a widespread occurrence in a diverse range of proteins, including those in muscle (myosin rod, tropomyosin, paramyosin), membranes, and transcription factors (leucine zipper). The fact that this motif may be recognized easily and directly in the amino acid sequence of a protein through the presence of a seven-residue "heptad" repeat gives it special significance. This simple example of pattern recognition is an important first step in solving structures from sequence data alone. A key part of our studies focuses on sequence features that determine whether two helices are likely to be parallel or antiparallel, how special stability or flexibility may be achieved, and how one might approach the design of a number of different proteins including parallel two-chain coiled coils, 4-a-helix bundles, and membrane proteins. By making as many connections as possible among apparently diverse protein classes, we hope to establish some of the physical principles underlying protein folding.

Dr. Cohen is a Member of the National Academy of Sciences and a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. She received the 2000 Founder's Award for outstanding achievement in Biophysics from the Biophysical Society.

Selected Publications:

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