Dept. of Biology Faculty 

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Susan Birren
Professor of Biology

Developmental Neurobiology

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Chandler Fulton
Professor Emeritus of Biology
Cell Differentiation, Centrioles, and Cell Death. Epigenetic regulation of gene expression in Naegleria.
Paul Garrity
Professor of Biology

Neural development and behavior

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Bruce Goode
Professor of Biology

Cytoskeletal mechanisms controlling cell morphogenesis

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Leslie Griffith
Professor of Biology and Director of the Volen National Center for Complex Systems

The Biochemistry of Behavior

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James Haber
Abraham and Etta Goodman Professor of Biology and Director, Rosenstiel Basic Medical Sciences Research Center

Repair of broken chromosomes and triggering of the DNA damage response

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Kenneth C. Hayes
Professor Emeritus of Biology
Comparative nutritional pathophysiology in man and animals. Lipoprotein metabolism and atherogenesis, diabetes and obesity.
Liz Hedstrom
Professor of Biology and Chemistry

Antimicrobial design; targeted protein degradation; TSC2 activators; enzyme structure-function studies.

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Colleen Hitchcock
Assistant Professor of Ecology
Community ecology, phenology and climate change
Sebastian Kadener
Associate Professor of Biology

Molecular Neurobiology and RNA metabolism

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Melissa Kosinski-Collins Melissa Kosinski-Collins
Professor of Biology
Biology Education
Elaine Lai
Senior Lecturer and Senior Scientist in Biology
Gene expression, cell differentiation and programmed cell death.
Amy S.Y. Lee
Assistant Professor of Biology

mRNA translation in cellular differentiation and disease

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Susan Lovett
Abraham S. and Gertrude Burg Professor of Microbiology
Genetics and molecular biology of bacteria and yeast.
Eve Marder
Victor and Gwendolyn Beinfield Professor of Biology

Modulation of Neural Networks

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Michael Marr
Associate Professor of Biology
Gene Expression in Cellular Stress Responses

Maria de Boef Miara
Assistant Professor of Biology,
Master's Advising Head for MCB and Neuroscience

Comparative Anatomy, Evolution, Physiology, Biomechanics
Paul Miller
Associate Professor of Biology
Computational and theoretical neuroscience
James Morris
Professor of Biology

Evolution, Genetics, Epigenetics, History of Science, and Science Education

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Sacha Nelson
Gyula and Katica Tauber Professor of Life Science

Physiological genomics of the mammalian neocortex

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Suzanne Paradis
Associate Professor of Biology

Molecular mechanisms of synaptic development.

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Dan L. Perlman
Associate Provost of Innovation in Education and Professor of Biology
Ecology, conservation biology, animal behavior.
Joan Press
Associate Professor of Biology
Developmental immunology and immunogenetics.
Ruibao Ren
Professor of Biology

Signal transduction.

Ruibao Ren is on leave until late 2020.

Avital Rodal
Associate Professor of Biology

Endosomal Membrane Traffic in Neurons.

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Michael Rosbash
Peter Gruber Endowed Chair in Neuroscience, Professor of Biology and Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator

Circadian Rhythms, Behavior, and Gene Expression.

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Piali Sengupta
Professor of Neurobiology

Behavioral and neuronal development in C. elegans.

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Neil Simister
Associate Professor of Biology
Molecular immunology. Antibody transport.
Judith Tsipis
Professor Emerita of Biology
Genetic counseling.
Gina Turrigiano
Joseph Levitan Professor of Vision Science

Activity-dependent regulation of neuronal properties.

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Stephen Van Hooser
Associate Professor of Biology

Development and function of cortical circuits

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Lawrence Wangh
Professor of Biology

Mammalian embryogenesis. Gene expression in single cells.

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Rachel Woodruff
Assistant Professor of Biology
Teaching Genetics and Genomic and Molecular Biotechnology
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