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The Making of This Site

This website was produced by Akiva Fishman and Katie Kelly-Hankin in conjunction with Dan Perlman’s Field Biology class at Brandeis University.  Katie and Akiva collected, photographed and identified most species shown on this site.

Specimens were photographed and collected in locations all over Massachusetts including: Peru (MA), Ponkapoag Bog (Outside Boston), Coldspring Park (Newton) and Brandeis University ponds.  


Katie Kelly-Hankin is a Junior at Brandeis University. She is currenty working towards an Independent, Interdiciplinary major titled Environment, Community and Development. Katie hopes to pursue a career in environmental justice. She thinks all things aquatic are swell.

Katie can be contacted at: katiekh@brandeis.edu


Akiva Fishman is a Sophomore at Brandeis University. He is currently contemplating a major in International and Global Studies with minors in Environmental Studies and Business. He is leaning towards a career in environmental policy.

He can be contacted at: akivaf@earthlink.net

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Map of Locations
For pictures of Ponkapoag Bog, click here! To visit Brandeis University's website, click here!
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We would like to acknowledge the following amazing people for their help with this project:

Dan L. Perlman, our professor - for his photographic contributions as well as his dedication, energy, resourcefulness and devotion to this project and our class.  He is our favorite professor.

Amy Kolosseus, our technical advisor - for teaching us how to build this website, and for making herself available for our endless questions.

Julie Miller, our TA - for her energy, constant availability and general wonderfulness.

Aysu Uygur - for taking all of our pictures at the pond in Peru, MA and coming out to wade in the frigid water with us at 6am out of the pure goodness of her heart.

Glenn Adelson - guest lecturer and botanist: for helping us with many difficult identifications and for sharing his depth of botanical knowledge with us.

Susie Quaintance - for making our Map

Our Classmates Rachel Gold, Matt Kamm, Ben Kuss, Hannah Ramer, Nina Savransky, Emily Silver, Jen Suhd-Brondstatter, Aysu Uygur, and Limor Weizmann - for having fun with us, lending us their pictures and always being up for playing with salamanders in the forest.

  Dan L. Perlman
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