About the Project

This electronic field guide is the product of a semester's work by two intrepid Brandeis University students. The site was put together for the Field Biology class (Biology 32a) taught by Prof. Dan Perlman in the Fall semester of 2006.


About the Authors

Matthew Kamm is a sophomore at Brandeis University, where he is pursuing a double major in Biology and Environmental Studies. He has been birdwatching since the age of 8 and still enjoys seeing new things every time he goes out into the field. He also has a most excellent hat.



Benjamin Kuss (on the left) is a senior at Brandeis, and will be soon completing his education there with majors in Anthropology and English, and a minor in Environmental Studies. When he's not busy waking up at dawn to track down birds, he spends the majority of free time taking terrible photos of them. Once in a while he gets a good one.

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First and foremost, our thanks go out to our professor, Dan Perlman. Without his patience, guidance, and experience, this project would never have come to fruition.

Next, we must thank Amy Kolosseus, our tireless technical guru, who made sure that every detail was attended to and that the machines never got the better of the men (or, at least, not too frequently).

We'd also like to thank Julie Miller, our hardworking TA. She was always available to answer questions and offer new ideas, as well as being an excellent source of feedback.

Finally, we'd like to thank the rest of the Field Bio class - Akiva Fishman, Rachel Gold, Katie Kelly-Hankin, Hannah Ramer, Nina Savransky, Emily Silver, Jennifer Sudh-Brondstatter, Aysu Uygur, and Limor Weizmann. Without you guys to support us, encourage us, and generally be our super-cool classmates, we would have lost all hope in ever completing this project. Double thanks to Hannah Ramer for her great blue heron picture, as well as to Aysu Uygur for her rock dove picture.

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Brandeis Field Biology - please check out all our classmates' online field guides!

Cornell Lab of Ornithology - a great place to learn about birds, see some great pictures, and hear sound clips.

USGS Bird Identification - another excellent bird ID site with some very detailed information on North American birds, and some videos.

National Audubon - learn about conservation issues, the history of American birding, and the annual Christmas Bird Count

EcoLibrary - a site created by our professor, Dan Perlman, to be a free resource for educators of biology and environmental sciences.

BirdPhotgraphy.com - an excellent collection of bird photographs.

Birds of Oklahoma - feel free to check out the entire site, but the discussion of bird photography is especially helpful


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