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Urban Centers
Some birds have adapted to flourish in human-altered habitats. These hardy species are among the most successful in the world, due to the wide-ranging influence of humans on the geography.


Suburbs and Parks
Many birds that are not quite adaptable enough for city life still carve out a niche for themselves alongside humans. Commonly known as the "backyard birds," these recognizable feathered friends are common sights at backyard feeders and in municipal parks.


Shores and Coasts
While gulls, sandpipers, and other shorebirds do occasionally live further inland, the best place to see many of these birds is the near vicinity of your closest ocean. The osprey can often be seen fishing either in fresh or salt water, but they seem to prefer nesting sites near the ocean.


Wild and Secluded Areas
Altough most of these birds are not rare, they tend to prefer living in remote wilderness habitats with minimal human interference. Some, such as the red-tailed hawk and turkey vulture, have found that human motor vehicles provide them a steady supply of roadkill, so they may be seen near roads passing through their territories.



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