Rock Dove
Columba livia
Family Columbidae

A common city sight, the Rock Dove was introduced to North America in the early 1600’s, where it has spread rapidly.

Identifying Traits (both sexes):

  • Large pigeon
  • Color variable, usually gray with a white rump
  • Tail rounded with dark tip
  • Wings gray with two black bars
  • Size: 29-36 cm (11-14")
  • Weight: 13-28 g (0.5-1.0 oz)

Voice: Soft and rolling, a co-roo-coo.

Habitat: The Rock Dove makes its home in virtually all urban areas.  

Range: The Rock Dove is a year-long inhabitant of the continental United States.

Interesting Facts: The Rock Dove has been interacting with humans for over 5,000 years, in many ways, from entertainment, to food, to being kept as pets. Because of this, they are vastly widespread, and their original range is impossible to determine.



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