American Oystercatcher
Haematopus palliates
Family Haematopodidae

A large shorebird, easily identified by its conspicuous bright, red bill, the American Oystercatcher is found exclusively on coastlines. As its name suggests, it feeds on clams, oysters, and mussels, using its bill to snatch them.

Identifying Tips (both sexes):

  • Black head
  • Brown back
  • Large, straight red bill
  • White belly
  • Large white wingstripe and tail patch
  • Legs stocky and dull pink
  • Size: 40-44 cm (16-17")
  • Weight: 400-700 g (14.1-24.7 oz)
  Adult male  

Voice: Loud, clearly whistled kleep!

Habitat: Coastal beaches, tidal flats, and salt marshes.

Range: The American Oystercatcher can be found all along the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico.

Interesting Facts: NEED SOMETHING HERE!



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