Eastern Bluebird
Sialia sialis
Family Turdidae

The popular and well-liked red, white, and blue songbird is a familiar sight in suburban parks and golf courses. More recent constructions of “bluebird trails” and nest boxes have led to an increase in its range and population size.

Identifying Tips (male):

  • Dark blue bird with an orange-red breast
  • White belly
  • Large, round head
  • Juvenile has grayish, speckled body, but with distinguishing blue in wings and tail
  • Size: 16-21 cm (6-8")
  • Weight: 28-32 g (0.99-1.1 oz)


Identifying Tips (female):

  • Overall more dull colored than male
  Adult male  

Voice: Song a full, warbling whistle, broken into chur-wi and tru-ly. Call a dry chatter.

Habitat: Open country, farms, and roadsides, heavy user of nesting boxes.

Range: The Eastern Bluebird can be found in eastern and central America, into eastern Arizona.  

Interesting Facts: Due to habitat loss and competition from other hole-nesters such as the European starling, bluebird numbers have declined in recent years. However, recent efforts that involve erecting nest boxes in suitable habitats have met with considerable success.     



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