Mourning Dove
Zenaida macroura
Family Columbidae

The most common and widespread wild dove in America, the Mourning Dove is also the slimmest bird in the pigeon and dove family. It is known for its mournful call, which can be heard in nearly all habitats.  

Identifying Traits (male):

  • Medium sized bird
  • Small head with bluish crown
  • Pale bluish orbital eye ring
  • Light brown body with black spots near wings and tail
  • Long, pointed tail with white tips
  • Juvenile is slightly slimmer with a lightly spotted breast
  • Size: 23-34 cm (9-13")
  • Weight: 86-170 g (3.0-6.0 oz)

Identifying Traits (female):

  • Smaller and less colorful than male, lacking a bluish crown

Adult female


Voice: Its song is a hollow, mournful ooAAH cooo cooo cooo, oftentimes mistaken for an owl.  The wings make a whistling sound at takeoff.

Habitat: Brushy, open habitats, farms, and suburbs.

Range: The Mourning Dove be found throughout the continental United States

Interesting Facts: Despite being a popular game bird which is hunted throughout its range, the Mourning Dove remains widespread and is one of the ten most abundant birds in the United States.



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