Ashleaf Maple (Boxelder)

Acer negundo

Ashleaf Maple: Full Tree - Click for larger image
  • Family: Aceraceae

  • Small to medium-sized tree

  • Short trunk with broad, rounded crown

  • Reaches height between 9-18m (30-60’)

photo by Jason Biggerstaff

Twigs & Fruiting Structures
Distribution and Uses



Ashleaf Maple: Leaves - Click for larger image
Ashleaf Maple: Fruit - Click for larger image

Twigs & Fruiting Structures

  • Slender green (sometimes white or purple), mostly hairless twigs with white, hairy buds (click here for image of buds)

  • 5mm (3/16”) flowers with small 5-lobed, yellow-green calyx; male and female on different trees

  • Flat, narrow, paired, slightly forking, pale yellow, 1-seeded keys 2½-4cm (1-1½”) in length remain attached in winter (click here for image)



  • Light grey-brown, narrow fissures, deeply furrowed

Distribution & Uses

  • Prefers wet or moist soils such as valleys and stream banks

  • Naturalized in New England and distributed from New York and Florida west to Texas; also New Mexico, California, Alberta and Ontario, Canada

  • Fast-growing, hardy tree planted for shade

  • Plain Indians used sap for sugar


Ashleaf Maple: Bark - Click for larger image