Sugar Maple

Acer saccharum

Sugar Maple: Full Tree - Click for larger image
  • Family: Aceraceae

  • Large tree with rounded, thick crown

  • Reaches height between 21-30m (70-100’)

Photo by Jason Biggerstaff

Twigs & Fruiting Structures
Distribution and Uses



Sugar Maple: Leaves - Click for larger image
Sugar Maple: Key - Click for larger image

Twigs & Fruiting Structures

  • Thin reddish-brown or grey, shiny twigs

  • Brown, thin, pointed buds; single side buds

  • Flowers with long stems in drooping clusters appear April-June; click here for image

  • Paired forking, brown, 1-seeded keys 2½-3cm (1-1¼”) in length

Photo by Dan Perlman



  • Light grey-brown, rough vertical grooves, plates loose when old

Distribution & Uses

  • Prefers moist soils of valleys and uplands

  • Distribution includes most of Northeastern and Midwestern United States into parts of Manitoba and Nova Scotia in Canada

  • Wood excellent for furniture and flooring, sap used to make maple sugar and syrup (5-60 gallons of sap produced yearly by 1 tree, 32 gallons of sap = 1 gallon of syrup = 4½ pounds of sugar)


Sugar Maple: Bark - Click for larger image