Shu-yee Chen and Deborah Hamer created the Field Guide to the Non-Native Species of Eastern Massachusetts for Professor Dan Perlman's field biology class at Brandeis University in December 2003.

We took the pictures for this website with a Nikon Coolpix 4500 digital camera, and we created the website in Adobe GoLive 6.0. For permission to use any of the pictures or materials from this website, or questions and comments, contact us here.

About the Authors

Shu-yee and Deborah are both juniors at Brandeis University (Class of 2005).

Shu-yee was born in Taiwan and now resides in Connecticut. She is majoring in Biology, minor in Physics and is also in the Education program. She enjoys organizing projects, and changes her mind about what career to pursue day by day. She enjoys learning biology in a non-classroom setting.

Deborah lives in Massachusetts. She is majoring in History and Judaic Studies. She believes in the importance of studying nature and history together, because nature often creates and dictates the events that will become history.

While we were creating this website, we experienced harrowing adventures: getting lost in the woods as night approached and stopping in the shoulder of a highway to pick a stalk of phragmites. But, we immensely enjoyed our oppurtunity to spend time in the woods and to learn about our native habitat.

    Unless otherwise specified, all text, photographs, and drawings are Copyright (c) by Shu-Yee Chen and Deborah Hamer 2003. No part of this page may be reproduced without prior written consent of the authors.