Scientific Name: Euonymus alatus
Family Name: Celastraceae

Leaves: Opposite, elliptical, finely toothed, green leaves 1.5 – 3 in. (4 – 7.5 cm.) long, turning bright red, fiery in the fall.

Shrub: Gray bark, with some ridges, can grow to a height of 10 ft. (6 m.) tall with a rounded crown.

Fruit: Bright red capsule 1/4 – 1/3 in. (6 – 9 mm.) containing an orange berry.

Identifying Characteristics: Burning Bush twigs have four corky wings, which distinguish it from other species. In the fall, another identifying feature is the bright red foliage.

Location: We found Firebushes growing in a hedge next to the Goldfarb library on the campus of Brandeis University.

History and Comments: Firebush is also called Winged Euonymus and Burning Bush, and it is a native of Asia. It was introduced into the United States in the 1860's, because it is tolerant of both shady and dry conditions. Firebush has escaped cultivation, and it replaces native bushes and low trees in forests.

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