Siliver Cinquefoil

Scientific Name: Potentilla argentea
Family Name: Rosaceae

Flower: 1/4 - 3/8 in. (6 - 8 mm.) wide, five-petaled yellow flowers. The petals grow with spaces between them, which the star shaped sepals show through, and the flower has distinctive stamens. Several flower stems grow from each leaf stalk.
Leaf: Gray-silver, palmately compound, velvety leaves, with the leaf underside being particularly fuzzy. The leaves have five lobes, each with sinuses resembling those of oak trees, and the leaf edges roll downward toward the plant stalk.

Plant: 6 – 12 in. (15 – 30 cm.) tall, with the stem also velvety.

Identifying Characteristics: The distinctive leaf shape coupled with the fuzziness of the leaves easily identifies Silver Cinquefoil.

Location: We found Silver Cinquefoil growing in Waltham on South Street near the Walgreen's.

History and Comments: Silver Cinquefoil is native to Europe, and it is often found growing ornamentally in flower gardens. At this time, it is not a threat to native species.


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